Saturday, June 18, 2011


I am so disgusted.

I had my suspicions about Zeus, the new rescue, confirmed today.  He has heart worms, hook worms, whip worms and parasites.  Not to mention that he had previously broken 2 toes, and they were never 'fixed' right, and his teeth are beyond bad with 2 being rotted in the back.

I feel compelled to go beat someone's ass, and then over again for good measure.

I am so sickened at the thought of this dog once being a hall of fame racer, and now in his current condition.  You wouldn't think anything is wrong, he is so loving, sweet, and happy.

I am hopeful since he did gain 2 pounds since last Saturday which is very good.  We are starting all of his treatment tonight, and everything aside from the heart worms will be easy to get rid of.  The heart worms will be treated for the rest of his life, but at least they will be treated.

I am always 'preaching' to my friends that get a dog - or any damn animal for that matter -  about the care that is so important for them, and if you can't fucking afford groceries or toilet paper then maybe you shouldn't have an animal!  One simple pill a month could have prevented Zeus from getting the heart worms - which are fatal in adult dogs if not caught early enough.  Heart worms are caused by the animal being bit by an infected mosquito, and now he will be on his treatment for the rest of his life.

He has lived the last at least 5 years with no preventative care, no shots, rabies vaccines or anything, and on a diet that caused him to lose hair, and have dry skin.  The parasites, and worms have been sucking every last nutrient from his body.

I know these things can get expensive, but if you care enough to have the animal, you should care enough to seek out clinics and/or programs that offer low cost vaccines and neuter/spay programs.  You also need to research the benefits - besides over-population - to having your animal spayed/neutered.  There are cancer risks, behavior modifications, and a number of other benefits.  Your animal won't just lay around and get fat after being fixed unless you allow it to - even keeping toenails trimmed to proper length keeps them from getting splints in their toes or causing serious damage to toes and joints.

I have had Missy on the Wellness plan with Banfield hospital at PetSmart since we have had her, and to date the plan has saved me nearly $5,000.00.  I pay a monthly fee, and all of her yearly vaccines are covered, all preventative care is covered, office visits, and I get very good discounts on thing that may not be covered which is rare.  Now we have Zeus on the plan, and he can finally get the care that he needs.

So, if you think it necessary to have an animal you need to also find it necessary to be able to properly care for them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Impatient Patience

I hate waiting.  I HATE it. 

I hate waiting for something that I want so bad even though I am not 100% sure that I will ever have it - at all.  Not just specifically.

Is it possible to miss something that you have never had?  I can say with 100% conviction that it is.  My GOD, it is.

My heart skips a beat, the butterflies wake and go crazy, and I get so damn anxious.  Words exchanged are small in quantity, but are as big as this planet in meaning and what they do to me.

I hate disappointment.  I try to prepare myself, but there is something there that won't let me say the words.  A force that is telling me to just be patient, and for once push the negative away.  Day by day.

...those days are getting longer and longer, and my heart is growing so much fonder.

Setting up for the fall.

It's hard to wait around for something you know may never happen, but it is even harder when you know it is everything that you want.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 28 ~ What if You Were Pregnant. What Would You Do?

Interesting.  Very interesting that this would come up.

No, I'm not, but I must say that if it happened I would be beyond thrilled.

I always wanted more than one kid - even if only 2.  I was an only child, and despite the stigma that comes with that it sucks.  I was far from the spoiled, get everything I want only child.

I hated it.  I truly hated it, and I hate it now.  I feel so disconnected from family, and I feel that a sibling would have saved me from many stupid things.

I love babies, and little toddlers, and the questions, the cute faces, the hugs, and the I love you's that only you can understand.  Little arms reaching up for you.  I loved it.  I was good at it.

Ashleigh wants to be a big sister so bad, and she would be the best there ever was.

I keep thinking that an ex boss of mine had her oldest at 40 - almost 41.

...maybe there's hope.

I might go wish on a star.

Day 27 ~ What’s The Best Thing Going For You Right Now?

I can say that the best thing I have right now is the love and support of a true friend when nothing else is going right.

I love you, Jess.  
To the moon and back.

In A New York Minute

I always find it amusing, and a little bit sad how things change from post to post when they share a common topic.

So much has happened with the relationship the previous post was about in this amount of time, and the end result is that it has... ended.  Not going into it.

'The hardest part of ending is starting again.'

Oh well.... on to to finally finishing my 30 days - which took about 60.