Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 30 ~ A letter to Yourself of Everything You Love About Yourself

Dear Allison,

I love your heart.  You have such a good heart, and continue to do so leaving all that has hurt you behind.  You would help any person in any situation to the best of your ability, and you truly care about people.

I love your unwavering belief in true love.  You truly are a hopeless romantic, again, despite the scars that you carry.  You are such a loving, and caring person when you feel it is deserved.

I love your sense of humor, and wicked sarcasm.  Your ability to get along with, and talk to anybody has come a long way.  I love your laugh, and the fact that you laugh with your while being.  You always want to make sure that everyone else is having fun.  You almost 100% of the time put your needs behind anyone else's.

I love that you are trying to see the good in every situation, and learn how you can grow from whatever the outcome may be or no matter how bad it hurts.

I love what a good Mother you are.  We are often times so critical of our parenting abilities, and constantly question ourselves, and that is normal, but deep down you are raising a beautiful human being.  You need to tell yourself that more often.

I love your open mind, your non-judgmental nature, and acceptance of everyone around you no matter what they might believe in, who they may love or what they hold true to their hearts.

You are way too hard on yourself, and are your own worst enemy.  I hope that you can overcome that, and learn to be truly happy.  You deserve it - and don't ever forget that.

Day 29 ~ Something You Hope to Change About Yourself. Why?

Perfectly flawed.

An earlier entry asked a question along these same lines, and I found that one harder to answer for some reason.

I would like to change my crippling insecurity.  I don't show it, apparently, and I guess that is a good thing, but I think that enables it to eat more and more at the inside.  The voices in my head are definitely not on my side the majority of the time, but how do I change that on my own?

I'm not just insecure about outer appearances, but about everything that I do or feel or say.

I feel that I constantly need to be reminded by those that care about me - that they care.  Why?  I hate that, and I am sure the other party finds it quite annoying, but I don't know where it comes from, and I don't know how to fix it.

I think this has to be my biggest issue with myself.  I know how to fix the other things that I am unhappy with, and it is just a matter of doing it, but this - with this I am completely lost.